Things to NEVER Say to a Pregnant Woman {or any human}

So with this being my second pregnancy and the fact that I’ve been equal parts pregnant and not pregnant in the past three years {which is absolutely crazy to think about!} I thought it was time to share some of the seriously crazy things that are said to pregnant women.

Some of these things have been said to me, my friends + I even took a poll from a FB Group I’m a part of – Crazy Close Kids {if you have kids LESS THAN 2 years apart, search the group & join us!} and it’s nuts what people will say to those of us that are just over here making’ life!

<insert Stephanie Tanner’s how rude!>

I just can’t believe the things that have been said to me, my friends and pregnant ladies in general. So I thought it would be fun to round up a few favorites. Some of these will make you laugh, others might make you sad, but pretty much all of them will make you question society! Ha!

Things to Never Say to a Pregnant Woman


Was it Planned?

– Not that it’s any of your business, and seriously, how inappropriate is this question, but yes, we understand how babies are made. Thanks for your concern.

You look tired.

– Wow, it’s that what EVERYONE loves to hear. Sure, I have a 1.5 year old and am getting up to pee every 2 hours but I would LOVE for you to tell me just how tired I look. Thanks so much. Can’t wait to hear you tell me what I look like when there’s a newborn in the mix.

You are huge.

– Actually, I take that back. THIS might be what everyone, pregnant or not loves to hear. Seriously. Who says this to another human being? My favorite part about this comment is when the person who says it to me is bigger than I am, pregnant! Awesome.

Another boy? You going to try for a girl next time?

– This question offends me so let’s just <insert middle finger emoji here>

You’re still pregnant?

– Yes, and I bet you can tell I’m still pretty excited about that fact and feeling fabulous. <sense my sarcasm?>

You look like you are ready to burst!

– I already feel that way, but thanks for reminding me. Again, always good to hear.

Two boys under 2? You are going to have your hands full!

– Thanks for your support. Care to schedule a time when you are going to come over and babysit??


Here are a few other favorites from friends:

  • A girl I worked with told me DAILY that I was huge. The worst part was I had only gained 18 lbs my whole pregnancy. My daughter weighed 10.1 when she was born.Drove me crazy! I wanted to say “well I’m pregnant and still smaller than you!” But of course I didn’t!
  • My husband “yea cause there’s no way we’re both gonna fit on there when you’re as big as a house” (we were discussing getting a new couch)
  • For my second and third pregnancies a certain family member (who doesn’t have kids) said “it has to be twins this time” every time I saw her
  • “I can’t even get my arms around you to give you a hug” & “you know people still marathons when pregnant & you’re acting like walking up stairs is one” “come on my little penguin..wobble wobble”
  • From a cab driver as I was getting in: Are you pregnant or just fat?
  • “I didn’t know Lord of the Rings was casting for another hobbit” (& as he rubbed my feet, squish squish it’s like a water park in here) …luckily I had a good sense of humor
  • Women telling me horrific birth stories was always pretty disturbing
  • You’ve really gained a lot of weight in your face this pregnancy. -my normally sweet MiL.
  • “Oh you’re due in a month? I know a girl at work who had a stillborn at this time in her pregnancy.”
  • “Another boy? So are you going to have any more and try for a girl?” — me “well not at the moment, I’m trying to not get pregnant while currently pregnant, and if we really can’t stand having all boys we’ll just raise one as female”
  • “Wow you look so much better this pregnancy.”
  •  “is it twins? No? Are you sure? Sometimes it is and you don’t know. Well you’re big enough for it to be twins.It could be twins.”
  • I knew you were pregnant because your face got fat. 
  • Oh how nice a Christmas baby… I was due at the end of March.
  • Oh this one is a boy- your husband must be thrilled!
  • How about “it’s so painful and I tore so bad. The doctor didn’t stitch me right and things haven’t been the same down there since!” This was with my first and I had nightmares about her comments.
  • “If your water breaks at work, do you think you can drive yourself to the hospital after you clean it up?” (one of the guys I work with).
  • I was 8.5 mo. Pregnant, got on the metra train home after work (sweaty hot August day), it was packed. One seat open next to some douche, and I sat down (drenched in sweat and with severe back pain) and he said “I’m holding this seat for a friend.” I couldn’t believe it, so I huffed, got up & found another spot, sat down. And I shit you not, they said the same thing… To which I replied in the loudest voice I could muster “are you fucking kidding me? You’re all a bunch of assholes.” Then I waddled off the train car and cried.


What do YOU have to add to my list of things to never say to a pregnant woman?

Please share!


**disclaimer: i know some of these things are said out of love/from a “good place”

but still, no one wants to hear it. Trust me.

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  • Reply Lauri August 10, 2015 at 9:23 am

    is it twins? No? Are you sure? Sometimes it is and you don’t know. Well you’re big enough for it to be twins.It could be twins.”

    THIS. Times a million!! I had a random CVS worker insist I was having twins and then finally said “Well you’re going to be huge!” At that point I was far from huge and only gained less than 30 the whole pregnancy!

    I also had people ask “Are you working out??” implying I should be. This was after telling me I was huge.

    And my favorite was a woman at work who I barely knew asking me “Are you crazy??” and then going on for 10 minutes asking why I would do that to myself, why would I have another one (My son would be almost 7 when the baby was born) and that she does everything she can to prevent that from happening.

    Other comments were in reference to the fact that we already had a good kid. “You know you won’t get so lucky this time. Probably won’t be another good sleeper either.”

  • Reply Krista K August 10, 2015 at 9:50 am

    Mine are 16 months apart, and I’m busy, but I have friends who have seven kids ages 8 and under, so sometimes I feel like mine are a piece of cake (it’s good to have some perspective). I’ve heard “do you know how that happens”. Ugh!! No, I’m completely ignorant!
    Ignore, ignore, ignore 🙂

  • Reply Barb @ A Life in Balance August 11, 2015 at 7:06 am

    LOL I got more comments after my kids were born, especially when I was out with the 4 younger ones.

  • Reply Kay @ Goaloflosing August 11, 2015 at 9:31 am

    “You think you’re busy with 1 — try having 3.” Grandma if I hear you say that one more time… I swear….

  • Reply Linda August 11, 2015 at 4:25 pm

    8 months pregnant with twins, finding it hard to dress my HUGE bump, I asked my older kids “Would you rather see my stomach or my breast?” to which they all hudled together, then DD3 very hesitantly said: “can’t you just go buy new clothes that FIT?!” OY! Kids these days 😉

  • Reply Erika @ Barbells & Bookends August 12, 2015 at 10:08 pm

    Oh my goodness, some people have no filter!

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