Brooks’ Big Boy Room

I know I’ve been talking about the transition from Brooks’ nursery to his Big Boy room for a while now, so I thought it was only right that I shared it with you!

I’m pretty proud of how this turned out, I only wish I was able to share a Before picture with you! This room was originally a guest bedroom and sort of a second closet for me. When we found out we were having Graham, I knew I was going to have to do some serious re-organization and some even more serious closet purging. I shared a little look into our closet when I shared my non-capsule wardrobe – it felt so good to go through everything and I’m still working on that now that I am no longer pregnant.

But today is all about Brooks and his new room.

brooks room

For this room, it was initially hard to figure out what I wanted to do with it because it’s so big! It’s a really good size room and when you put toddler furniture in the mix, it makes it even bigger!


Living in the city and having a room this large, I knew I would have to make it a combined bedroom + play room. So I wanted to keep it fun, but calming at the same time. I wanted it to be able to hold the Brooks’ toys, but also have a space to put them away.

b room

This space was previous a guest bedroom so we had to completely refurnish it, which I was ok with. I knew from the beginning I wanted to go with grey. We painted the walls grey when we moved in and I thought a darker grey furniture would be really nice for a little man. I would have liked navy too, but couldn’t find anything I liked!


But I’m really happy I went with the grey on grey because I think it turned out really well.

And if you know me, you will know that I obsessed over room themes for the longest time for Brooks. But I didn’t want anything cheesy and I didn’t want anything he would easily outgrow. I’m sort of into the less is more mentality. I’m doing my best to minimize the clutter and keep the toys under control – from the start!wall side

The good thing about Brooks’ big boy room is that he seamlessly {knock on wood} moved into it right after Graham was born and has been sleeping in it like a champ ever since. I initially wanted to put him in the room before his brother came into this world, so it would be less of a shock, but then moving him into the room officially made me feel like he was really growing up – and I need a few minutes to deal with that! So we did it a few weeks after Graham was born and it worked for us!

bookcase side
I knew I really wanted a little desk in Brooks’ room and I’m obsessed with the one we found because it fits perfectly. I also love the bookshelf because its extra wide and holds so much of Brooks’ books + toys and a few photos. 

In case you couldn’t tell, I decided to go with a “Vehicles” theme – Brooks loves cars + trains + planes and I knew that would be something he could totally grow into. But the hints of it are pretty subtle so if we want to change it down the road, it wound’t be a big expense!


Did I mention that Brooks loves all the space he has?

run crib side

We decided to get Brooks another crib and I’m so glad we did because again, knock on wood, he’s been sleeping in it like a champ. He loves his bed and it’s a great piece that will transition to a toddler bed, and then a full size bed when he’s ready!  I also love the dark grey color and the fact that its the same manufacturer as the dresser we picked out!

wall art

I’m a big photo lover, but in a little one’s room, having frames everywhere isn’t always possible. I love this window frame I found because it’s so fun to add lots of photos and easily change them up!
toy bin

I’m also obsessed with the cube organizer + bins – I have two others of these throughout our house to easily hide + store toys. I love how it doesn’t look like a kids toy bin and it’s been pretty sturdy.

Brooks is also obsessed with his new bean bag chair – I know he’s going to grow up into this thing – He already loves laying in it and jumping into it!


Here’s another look at the dresser we went with. I love the size and the color. It’s an awesome piece!

bump out

One side of the room and the opposite.

shelf sideikea shel

Another favorite piece of the room is the little magnetic board on the wall. I love watching Brooks play with it and I think it looks really nice – he has lots of magnetic toys he loves! I want to get a few more to put in some other places to hold more art pieces and other fun things to display!


Brooks loves his room so much – its so fun to watch him play, learn and grow – and even have little friends over to enjoy it too! 

We also have a little space for baby brother in Brooks’ big boy room – I got this older mamaroo for Graham {for free from a neighbor!} and little G LOVES IT! Plus its nice to have a play for baby brother to hang out while Brooks plays.


Another favorite piece that made its way over from the nursery – the radio flyer push wagon!


And to go along with our ‘vehicles’ theme – I’m obsessed with this wheel photo holder I found. And the photos I get to put on it too!


All in all, there is still some work I want to do and a few things I want to add when I find them, but I’m so happy with Brooks’ room and I think he loves it too!


What do you think about Brooks’ Big Boy Room?

Whats your little one’s room theme? Please share!


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  • Reply DoubleM October 27, 2015 at 11:55 am

    Love how it functions as a playroom and his bedroom and looks good, too!

  • Reply Patty O October 28, 2015 at 7:28 am

    You did a great job and Brooks totally loves his new room! Well done!

  • Reply Emily January 24, 2016 at 6:03 pm

    Do you know where the bookcase came from?

    • Reply Leslie January 26, 2016 at 3:06 pm

      Its from Ikea! 🙂

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