Christmas at Longwood Gardens


Warning: Long post with lots of photos ahead! I treated myself to a new camera on Black Friday {which was on crazy good sale!} because my old one is 10 years old and had been acting up, so this was the perfect time to take my new camera out for a spin. Enjoy!


Last week Charles, Brooks, Graham and I met my parents for an evening of Christmas at Longwood Gardens. This was an extra special treat for me because we went to see Christmas at Longwood last year, but had to leave before the lights because of Brooks’ bedtime. This year, we were able to stay because of some good timing and the fact that Graham isn’t on a schedule yet. I was very excited because I hadn’t seen the nighttime lights at Longwood since Charles and I went on a date here in college! So this was long overdue. entrance

This was also an extra special experience because Brooks is obviously crazy mobile! This time last year, he was 11 months old and not walking. So we got to all enjoy watching B run around the gardens grounds like the energetic toddler he is!


But he did enjoy catching a ride on the stroller with Pops every once in a while.


Have I told you lately how much I love my stroller?! 

I knew Brooks would want to run around while it was light out and it was nice to have Graham be able to stretch out a bit – but I knew Brooks would want a ride every now and then and I also knew he’d need a seat when it got dark and Graham would need to be carried, so we went with the solo seat option + ride along board. Win!bro ridebro

Our first stop at Longwood was obviously to see Thomas the Train.

thomas train love

Such a cute little outdoor train set-up and Brooks was clearly loving being able to see one of his favorite characters. Thomas kept him entertained for a while!


Next up we went inside the big budding to see all the flowers and decorations they had going on in there.

big trees

This year the Christmas display is inspired by fountains.

Another win for Brooks, because what {almost} two year old doesn’t love a good fountain?!


They always do such a good job at Longwood, we’ve been here a few times over the years and they are constantly changing it up and keeping things new and fresh and gorgeous. Such a lovely place to visit – especially during the holidays when they have a little festive twist on everything.

cactussmellpointsnowflakesmileice1 rosesrose

BRINKLEYS fam treegagagga GRAHAMbro lovewinter white

pink redgrandsonswaterfall

wearB TREE1 treeeeeee trees123 hey ice hands

It was hard to keep Brooks contained inside – there was so much going on and big crowds, so we didn’t get as much of a leisurely walk inside as we would have liked, but it was still nice to be able to see what we did. Clearly, everything is beyond beautiful.

We headed over to grab a bite to eat as we waited for the sun to set so we could check out the lights.

big treecarolerslights

Like I said, last year we had to leave early so I wasn’t able to see the night lights – this year it was such a treat! Everything was lit up everywhere, there were carolers, holiday music and the weather was perfect.


Brooks loved it too, he had such a blast seeing all the colors and designs – he just loved being outside at night!

kiss light

Graham was a troopers the whole day too. He enjoyed seeing the colors and shapes and sounds when we were inside and then when it got chilly at night, I wore him and he passed out. Good stuff.

me nature treereflection

We also got to see this awesome fountain, light + music show which was beautiful + Brooks was completely enamored with it. Who doesn’t love a good water show?!

showwater lights

square tree lights white

Such a beautiful day + evening. All the littles cooperated and we had a great time.

I look forward to this tradition every year! If you are in the area and haven’t been yet, totally put it on your list!



Do you have a favorite holiday tradition with your family?

Please share!


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  • Reply Patty O December 14, 2015 at 6:56 pm

    Beautiful Photos and yes it is a special family tradition with your family and our grandsons for many years to come! Our grandchildren sure make everything more fun and keep us young!

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