2016 Goals

So I thought that I was just going to focus on organization + my littles this year, but it turns out, almost 5 days in, I am more motivated when I set some actual goals for myself. Its nice to put it out there, makes everything for real, and I feel more accountable as well!


So here’s a few things I want to do in 2016:

1- A shake a day. I’ve been feeling like I need more vitamins + nutrients and generally good stuff in my system – especially with nursing. I’ve been starting the past week out with a yummy chocolate shake and it’s been great and I actually really feel better. I plan to do another post sharing more about this once I am a little further into it! Stay tuned!

For Fun: What’s your favorite shake combination? 

2- Drink more WATER! This used to be a constant struggle for me because my favorite water bottle – its my favorite because of the flip straw lid, can’t do a water bottle without a straw- but it was MIA for a while, but it has been relocated. So now I’ve been chugging away, filling up this 40 oz. bottle a few times a day! Woo!

What’s your water drinking goal for each day?

3- SWEAT MORE! I’m finally in a place where I am wanting to go exercise. I’m in a good place with sleep with both boys {knock on wood} and I’m feeling like I have the energy to go for a run or hit up a class. I’m also looking to sign up for a 5k soon! Can’t wait to start to get back in the swing of more of a workout regimen – now if just the weather won’t be too cold out, oh! and I need to find the time! Ha!

Side note: Anyone know of any good races coming up in the Philadelphia area?!


4- Get Out More – I know that the boys and I are always out and about doing something, but I have a sneaky suspicion that as the weather begins to really get cold out, I’m going to be less motivated. It’s freezing out as I type this and I’m already not into venturing outside – going to get worse I suspect. BUT at the same time, I can’t sit inside all day with the boys – I’ll go nuts. So I’m committing to continuing our exploration of the city, even in the winter months! Just got to bundle up!

5- More Routine – Will I do want to get out more with the boys, as Graham gets into more of a scheduled napping place, I do want to continue a solid routine – for the boys and for me. In our home and on the blog. I am in the process of mapping out my blog days so you can sort of expect what will be posted on various days – a sort of Monday – weekend update, Tuesday – eats, Wednesday – giveaway – etc. Thoughts?

6 – Take care of me – Focusing in diet + exercise + taking care of my family are top priorities, but it’s also important for me to be able to take some time for myself once in a while. I’ve been trying to make time in the mornings/evenings to do some face masks + care and when my mom is over helping take care of the boys, making time for lunch with a friend {or a mani/pedi} every once in a while! It’s also a small goal of mine in 2016 to go to the movies, because I haven’t done that in 3 years since having the littles! Ha!

6- #girlboss – I have had so much fun + am so proud of myself for my accomplishments with my Stella + Dot biz in 2015. I was promoted 3 times, made some amazing friends + connections, made some $$ {to purchase the double stroller of my dreams – and to finance Christmas as well as an upcoming trip!}, had so much fun and got so much free sparkly jewels along the way! I have goals to continue to grow this business because I really do love it!



What are your 2016 Goals?

Big or Small – I’d love to hear them!

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  • Reply Patty O January 5, 2016 at 7:16 pm

    Good for you – your goals sound perfect and with a little help from the people who love you, very attainable!

  • Reply Dietitian Jess January 6, 2016 at 8:05 am

    I definitely want to conquer a fast 5k in Philly this year too- I know there are a lot of options listed on the Run215 website that you can check out. Good luck with your goals!

  • Reply Rebecca January 6, 2016 at 2:50 pm

    The Back on My Feet 5 Miler is always great. 😀

    But I agree with Jess, check out Run215’s site for more local races coming up!

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