Another Day In The Life with Two Under Two

So I had such a blast sharing my day in the life post last time, I figured it would be fun to do it again too – especially because it was so requested from my blog poll for the new year {which is still open if you want to check it out!}! Love to share what our real life is like on the day to day!

two under two

6:30am – Wake up and check the clock. Is it really 6:30am? Look at both monitors and both littles are still sleeping – through the night! Woohoo! G looks like he might start to fuss soon since he’s starting to stir so I get up do a quick change + get ready for the day. I take Jackson downstairs with me, let him out to pee and then go up and get G. Don’t want him to start to fuss and wake his brother, so I usually get him quickly when he wakes up in the morning.

6:45am – Change and feed G – then pump 6 oz {woohoo!} from the side he didn’t eat from since he slept through the night last night {another woohoo!} my left side is about to explode most mornings. So I pump and save for a rainy day. Then I put the bottle outside since our fridge broke last Wednesday night, still isn’t fixed yet but it’s cold enough to leave it outside for a bit! Ha!

7:00am – B is still sleeping so I decide to clean up downstairs for a bit, make my morning shake and hang out with G on the activity mat while watching GMA.


7:45am – Brooks wakes up and I make the executive decision that we are heading out for the day! It’s really cold out but I just don’t feel like sitting inside all day. So I go upstairs and get him changed + ready to head out this morning.


8:00am – Say goodbye to Charles and get Brooks breakfast. We talk about what we are going to do today – his first bus ride + music class – he’s pretty excited about getting to ride the bus that goes by our house a million times a day! #citykid

8:15am – Clean up after breakfast, take a few minutes to check + respond to emails while B is playing with his doctor kit + G is hanging out in his bouncer.


8:30am – Head upstairs to play – we do our letters, puzzles, listen to music, run around with batman + superman capes – normal morning craziness ensues


9:00am – Come back downstairs to organize everything before we head out the door. I pack a few diapers, wipes, snacks, water and say a little prayer I have everything I need to venture into the city alone without a stroller and two under two!


9:15am – Turn on Daniel Tiger for B to watch for a few minutes while I feed G. I enjoy the quiet in the house! Ha! Then I grab some of our frozen chickens from our neighbor {Hi Kelly!} who has amazingly been keeping our freezer stash of breast milk and meat for us while our fridge if out of commission. Put the chicken on the counter to defrost for dinner. I told Kelly about my plans for the day and she tells me this would be a good day for another Day in the Life – so that’s how this post came to be! Ha!

9:30am – Time to get everyone ready to head out the door. I check diapers and do a quick change of both of them – luckily, each of them just pooped before we had to leave {#momwin} so I don’t have to worry about that! {fingers crossed}. Get B warm and cozy to head outside, put G in his winter weather onesie thing, strap him onto me, throw on my coat and head out to catch the bus.

9:48am – We got the bus! Head downtown – wish us luck!

busridesolo bus

10:05am – Get off the bus and I seriously wonder why I’ve never taken it before. Brooks LOVED it – he was just in awe, looking around, taking it all in. And the sound of the bus put G to sleep. Winning! We get around the corner from our music class and have an extra 15 minutes before class, so I drag the boys across the street to Uniqlo to search for my new favorite pants – that are fleece lined, warm as hell and I’m wearing them today. I want them in every color. They are perfection. Buy them!


10:30am – Music Monkey Jungle! Woo! Brooks dances and sings the morning away – Graham is pretty entertained by it all as well and he was free for class {free under 5 months} but we totally got our money’s worth for two!


11:00am – I’m getting a little hungry. Brooks asks for a snack but I decide it would be fun to take the boys out to lunch. I don’t feel like dealing with our lack of fridge at home and lunch will also serve as additional entertainment until nap time! We head to Cosi – grilled cheese for B and a salad for me! – Graham is sleeping on me in the carrier the whole time.

lunch date


11:45am – Catch the bus home – a very successful trip for this trio of two under two without a stroller!


12:00pm – Arrive home and G is up from his nap. Not sure if he’s hungry or hot from being in all his winter gear – take off everyone’s coats, get settled in and feed the babe. B gets a little more TV time for 15 minutes while G eats so we all watch Bob the Builder. Good times.

12:15pm – G is finished eating so we all head upstairs to hang out, play and kill time before B’s nap. I put away some laundry I did yesterday,


1:00pm – Change diaper + read a few books and B is down for his nap! Now it’s only 1 vs. 1!

1:15pm – G is happy watching the world go by so I make a phone call about our refrigerator repair. Spoiler alert – the phone call didn’t go well, but we allegedly have someone coming out to finalize the repair tomorrow. Fingers crossed.


1:30pm – G seems sleepy so I rock him and get him down for his nap. Put him in his crib and say a little prayer than I can have a little solo time today while everyone sleeps!

1:45pm – Catch up on this post, do some work for a few other posts, send emails and try to do as much as I can while everyone is in dreamland. I usually get about 20 minutes during the day solo to every everything done.

2:15pm – G is up from his nap so I go and grab him real quick. Don’t want him to wake his sleeping brother – hoping for another hour out of B! We hang out downstairs and get caught up on the latest episode of Downton Abby.

2:45pm – G is fussing a bit, don’t think he napped long enough. We alternate between playing on the activity mat and him crying. Not sure if he’s tired or hungry or what. Never really sure.

nap n play

3;00pm – Decide to feed G and see if it calms him down, which it does. He hangs out to nurse and I watch some Love It or List It on HGTV. I don’t really go along with any sort of schedule for feeding during the day, especially if he’s sleeping through the night. I figure going 12+ hours without eating should be rewarded with feedings anytime he wants them during the day. If we are out, he can usually go 3-4+ hours without, especially if he’s entertained, but at home, he usually eats more often.

3:15pm – Catch up on this post a bit while G lays on me but he wants to be up and about. So I strap him in a carrier and we let Jackson out to pee. I realize I haven’t prepped dinner yet – Oops. Luckily, its a quick and easy crock pot recipe so I chop up an onion, pepper, add in a few spices and we are good to go.


3:30pm – Glad I finished with dinner prep because B is now up. A 2.5 hour nap – I’ll take it! We hang upstairs in his room for a while. Read a few books, play some soccer + basketball and have some fun.

ballssleeping bag

4:45pm – G usually goes down for a nap around 5:00pm and G is ready to head downstairs. I put G in his crib with some tunes and am crossing my fingers he takes the nap and goes down easy. 5 minutes later, it’s not sounding so good, but since B is up, I give G a few minutes to try to work it out himself.

5:00pm – Dinner smells amazing! Woo!

5:15pm – Graham put himself down for a nap! Another win! Play with B downstairs for a bit. We didn’t have a afternoon snack so I’m thinking B is going to realize he’s hungry very soon. So I prep some dinner for him. So much easier for him to eat {and for me to help!} while G is sleeping. I don’t think the slow cooker meal I made is going to be ready in time for B and I think it also may be a bit spicy, so it’s nuggets, oatmeal, yogurt and applesauce for B for dinner. Nothing fancy and when you don’t have a working fridge you need to get creative.


5:45pm – Was able to feed + clean up B right before G got up from his nap, so that’s always a good thing.

5:50pm – Nurse G while watching part of a movie with B while we wait for dad to get home. This is usually the witching hour time and always when G likes to cluster feed. From 5 o’clock on it’s normally a countdown until Charles gets home – It’s more TV time than I like, but on days when I’m by myself it’s the best we can do! Tonight we are watching Ratatouille! I love watching Disney + Pixar movies with the littles, so much fun and it brings me back to my childhood – also it’s just such a treat for all of us {until he wants to watch it for the 100th time, like Inside Out, which is STILL awesome after 101 views!}


6:10pm – Dad’s home early! Woo! He hangs out with the boys while I take Jackson for a walk.

6:25pm – Back from the walk. Feed J, check on our dinner+ head upstairs. Bath time for G + playtime with dad for B.

7:05pm – Charles is reading B a nighttime story and putting him to bed. G is hanging out in the room listening to the story upstairs while I get everything ready for our dinner downstairs.


7:10pm – Feast! Time for dinner, I’m starving.

7:15pm – As soon as I plate our meals and sit down, G starts to fuss. He always starts to freak whenever I have a hot meal in front of me. Ugh. I shove dinner down my face while Charles tries to calm him, but no go – I think he’s worn out from his bath time fun! I eat at lightening speed and then it’s time to nurse G again.

7:40pm – G is done nursing and has fallen asleep in my arms. I sit with him a few minutes and then make the transfer to the crib. Crossing my fingers and toes he’s out for the night.


7:45pm – I take a few minutes and get caught up on emails and work on this post. Charles and I have a standing date the past few weeks of watching Homeland {we got season 3 + 4 from Santa and started from the beginning} at 8pm. So I type and type real quick, pour myself a glass of wine and relax a bit.


8:00pm – Homeland

10:00pm – After 2.5 episodes of Homeland, I’m done for the day. Usually I’m in bed asleep by 9:30 but it was such a good episode, couldn’t turn it off!

10.01pm – Crossing my fingers we have another 12+ hours of sleep from the littles! Night Night!


What’s a day in your life currently looking like?

Please share!


Spoiler Alert: G slept until 6:45am! Woo! And B slept until 7:45am! Woohoo!

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  • Reply Kay @ January 19, 2016 at 8:56 am

    You rock! Love hearing about your days with two under two!

  • Reply Dietitian Jess January 19, 2016 at 11:49 am

    Wow sounds like a nonstop day- you go momma!

  • Reply Patty O January 19, 2016 at 9:54 pm

    You did it, bus ride for the first time and all! Loved reading about your day!

  • Reply Genevieve January 19, 2016 at 11:55 pm

    I love reading your DITL posts! I haven’t figured out the afternoon nap/feeding schedule for my littlest little either. But he’s also not sleeping through the night yet. We’re nailing 6am-10am but it’s gets increasingly helter skelter after that.

    Maddy will be two on Valentine’s Day and George was born 8/26/15. It’s for real.

  • Reply Jennifer January 24, 2016 at 6:29 am

    Love your blog! Where was the music class? Would love to take my little one!

    • Reply Leslie January 26, 2016 at 3:07 pm

      Its Music Monkey Jungle at The Children’s Boutique in center city!

  • Reply nisha January 25, 2016 at 3:34 pm

    hello how do i set up a website like ths

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