DIY Photo Collage Wall for Under $30 in Under 30 Minutes

So I’ve pretty much wanted a photo collage wall ever since we moved into our new place. And I use the term new place very loosely because we’ve lived here for over 2.5 years! Ha! But life, two babies and the lack of open wall space at our house has kept me from putting one up.

Going along with my resolution for more organization in my life, I’ve recently done some moving around of our furniture on the first floor. And in doing so, I was able to free up some space that made the perfect little nook for a photo collage wall!

DIY Photo Collage Wall

Luckily, we live close to one of my favorite stores {ikea – I’m obsessed! Especially when it comes to kid stuff!} AND I have a crafty husband so I was able to finally make my dream of a photo collage wall a reality – in 30 minutes for under $30! Woo!

Here’s how it all went down, so easy + it turned out so great!


First up – which took the longest amount of time, was figuring out the formation of how I wanted the pictures. I wanted a thicker frame because I had a space that needed a bit of height, so the thick frames filled up the open space a bit more. Then I knew I wanted a sort of organized chaos of horizontal and vertical frames mixed today. I used painters tape and folded up paper to set it up on the wall and make sure it was the way I wanted it, in the space I wanted. I actually lived with it like this for a few days to really make sure I liked it before putting holes in the wall.

set up

 Once the decision was made – I got 10 frames from ikea {$2.99 each! Woo!} and organized them on a large sheet of paper on the floor. We then decided we wanted about 1.5 inches in between each frame. So Charles cut out that exact size from a cardboard box – a bunch of 1.5 inch strips.


We put the strips in between each of the frames, once we knew where we wanted everything so each frame was spaced evenly between each picture.

align space

Then we traced each of the frames in their spots and added a dot as to where the nail would go in to hold the frame. This made everything super quick once we got the paper up on the wall!


We hung the paper up on the wall in the space we decided on, hammered the nails into the nail spots for each frame and that was pretty much it!

on wall

Once the nails were in we hung the photos up on the paper which was still on the wall and made sure everything measured up! Which it did, which was amazing!


Then we took the paper off the wall, and kept the nails in – we hung the photos back up and used a level with each one to make sure they were even.


I feel like part of the reason why I put off doing this because I thought it was going to take forever, be uneven and we would end up with a million holes in the wall – but this was so easy and quick and cheap!

on wall1

I’m so happy with how it turned out – I love having a place to display pictures of Brooks and Graham front and center in our home. Most of these pictures are just place holders at the moment – I hope to change them a few times a year to keep them updated because I feel like both B & G have already changed so much recently, it’s just nice to have current pictures up that I love!

photo collage

I also thought it was fun to put some of Brooks’ abstract art in the center photos – they were initially going to be placeholders as well, but I sort of love it now. Since he’s in art class once a week, it’s also fun to change that up and display it nicely in a frame, plus its a fun pop of color too! Each piece was initially on a large sheet of paper and I just cut it down to feature the best {my favorite} parts!


I’m so happy with our little collage wall and I can’t wait to continue to update the pictures and possible even add to it a bit more as time goes on, because there’s totally room on each side!



Whats the best DIY project you’ve done lately or want to do?

Please share!



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  • Reply Patty O January 18, 2016 at 8:54 am

    Loved how you and Charles made it work and so easy – need to share with my hubby. Turned out absolutely beautiful and of course, love the art work and photos! Great Job! Thanks for sharing!

  • Reply Sarah Honey January 18, 2016 at 11:37 am

    Great idea! Pinned.

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