My Last Day in the Life with Two Under Two – Before Brooks Turns 2!


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Ok – so I really do love sharing my day in the life posts on the blog, and apparently you enjoy reading them too! Love that. Today is going to be my LAST Day in the Life – with Two Under Two – because tomorrow is Brooks’ 2nd birthday! Can’t believe my little guy will be 2! Don’t worry, I’ll still continue sharing my DITL posts, we will all just be a little older and wiser {without the two exactly under two – I need a new hashtag!}

two under two123

For this Day in the Life, I documented my day on Tuesday – it just took me an extra day to put the post together, but this is what a normal Tuesday looks like when my mom comes + helps out. She comes every Tuesday + Thursday from 7:30am – 4:30pm – unless we have to change our schedules around for one reason or another and then she comes another day. But seriously, her coming twice a week for a specific period of time {9 hours!} is insane because I can get so much done – around the house, computer work, and we usually manage to squeeze an outing for the boys + a shower for me too! Wins all around – Here’s how our days together usually go down, and how Tuesday went down for me this week:


6:30am – Graham begins to stir in his crib. He’s been in there since 7:30pm the night before and honestly anything after 6:00am sleeping through the night is a win in my book! I turn on his mobile – wirelessly via an app on my phone {if you are looking for a kick ass mobile, this is it, we have the rainforest version because of his lion theme} This usually buys me some time as he’s quite happy in the morning, so I brush my teeth and sort of get ready for the day – so excited for my mom to come today!


6:45am  – Get Graham, change his diaper, bring him downstairs to nurse and turn on the TV. Call my mom to let her know there’s a little bit of traffic because of the snow. I don’t mind getting up around 6:30am because it gives me a few minutes to come downstairs, hang out with the babe and get caught up on last night’s Bachelor {which I can no longer stay up at night to watch in it’s entirety}


7:00am – Time to pump! Since G slept through the night, when he gets up I feed on one side and pump on the other for my freezer stash {saving up for a baby-free vacation in April!} I get 5 oz. while Graham plays on his activity mat + I continue to catch up on the Bachelor {side note: Olivia is cray cray}


7:30am – Mom’s here! She’s always right on time and it’s amazing! Since she’s already all bundled up, she takes Jackson out for a quick walk while I have my morning shake.

7:50am – Brooks is up! I give him a few minutes to wake up a bit, hang out in his crib and then I go get him, change him and chase him around his room for a few minutes.

8:00am – Get Brooks a glass of his morning milk – in our favorite cups, seriously, these things don’t spill and are under $5 for 2, buy them all! – and he chats with Gaga {what the boys call my mom} for a bit. While they are hanging out, I empty the dishwasher, do a quick guest list check for Brooks’ birthday party this weekend and end up doing another diaper change real quick {G!}


8:30am – Breakfast for Brooks – I usually try to ask him what he wants every day giving him an option and choices. Today he asked for puffins, yogurt + a half of a banana. I get the food all together + get him in his highchair + my mom sits with him while he eats + holds Graham while I get Tuesdays blog post up – Slow Cooker Short Ribs, anyone?


9:00am – I clean up breakfast + throw in laundry #1 for the day. Tuesday is laundry day when my mom is here, I usually do a load or two over the weekend {because #explosivediapers } but Tuesday is always our big laundry day for clothes, sheets, towels, the works. Feels good to get it all done when I have another set of hands to help.

9:15am – Graham starts to look a little sleepy, he’s been going down for a nap around 9:30am consistently so my mom takes him into his room to change him and put him down for his nap – he sleeps for 30 minutes while I take Brooks up to my room to hang out while I change and organize the rest of the laundry that needs to be done today. I then change Brooks for the day and we play in his room for a bit while G sleeps.

nurse and read

10:00am – Graham is up and I nurse him in his room while catching up on my book club book for the month – so far it’s awesome, would totally recommend it! After he’s done, I thought he would go back down for a longer nap, but he’s not into it. So I give him to my mom while I change out laundry load #2


10:15am – Brooks and I are off to check out a walk thru for a preschool today, so we get ready and head on out for a little time alone together. We walk through the piles of snow to get there!


10:30am -> 11:40am – Pre-school walk thru – I can’t believe Brooks is turning 2 this week and we are looking at pre-school Someone hold me! BUT that’s another story for a different day – while we were there, my mom hung out with Graham at home, changed a load of laundry for me, swept up a bit {she can’t sit still – love her} and got Graham down for another 30 minute nap.


11:45am – Brooks and I walk home – question, why does it take me longer to get everyone ready to walk out the door than it actually takes for us to get where we are going?! Drives me nuts. I should seriously do a post on how long it takes us to get out the door on any given day, it’s kind of crazy.


11:50am – Graham is still napping when we walk in the door so Brooks plays with Gaga while I prep lunch + dinner. Making Slow Cooker Baked Potato Soup for dinner, so it’s time to peel all.the.potatoes.


12:15pm – Graham wakes up from his nap

12:30pm – Lunchtime for us all. My mom and I eat in shifts while one of us holds Graham, who wants to join in on the festivities. Brooks has a random lunch of yogurt, cheese, applesauce and I have a parfait of sorts.


1:00pm – Naptime for Brooks, I get him all settled, changed, help him make sure he picks up his room and put him down for his nap while my mom hangs out with G downstairs.

1:30 – I nurse G in his room + try to get him down for his nap. He’s not cooperating much today so we spend about 30 minutes doing the whole nap time song and dance. I eventually get him down – woohoo!

2:00pm – Two sleeping babes. Ahhhh.


2:15pm – That didn’t last long – Graham is up.

2:20 – 2:40pm – My mom got her latest Stitch Fix so I asked her to bring it over so I can take pictures for the blog – stay tuned for that post!  Graham hangs out with us while we do a mini photo shoot + fashion show.

2:45pm – Laundry #3, check on dinner, my mom plays with Graham while I get a few things done on the computer


3:00pm – Brooks is up from his nap, not his usual 3 hour session I have grown to love, but I’ll take a solid 2 hours. Can’t really complain about that, especially if he’s in a good mood. Graham on the other hand isn’t in a great mood, probably because of the lack of naps. We all play in Brooks’ room – Graham is always entertained watching his big Brother.


3:45pm – Nurse Graham, try to get him down for a nap while my mom plays with Brooks.


4:15pm – Still not cooperating on the nap front, so I strap Graham on with a carrier and take him along for the ride. Can’t play the nap chasing game forever, he’ll eventually sleep, right? I check on dinner, give it a stir and let Jackson out.


4:25pm – We all head downstairs to the basement to play for a bit and I try to set up a new printer my parents got me {Thanks mom + dad!} Both boys enjoy the change of scenery, even if its just one floor down so we hang out there for a bit while everyone’s happy. I set up the printer – Win!


4:30pm – Usually my mom leaves by now to beat traffic home, but today she is spending the night and hanging out with us tomorrow too! Another win! I’ll never say no to help with the babes!

5:15pm – Time to take out the trash, prep Brooks’ dinner – he’s having the Slow Cooker Baked Potato Soup as well, it’s just super hot right now, so I take it out to let it cool.


5:30pm – I take Jackson for a quick walk while my mom hangs out with the boys – too much trouble to suit everyone up for a quick outdoor adventure.


5:45pm – Brooks, my mom and I enjoy dinner together. Graham goes down for a nap {finally} so I get to eat dinner with both hands. We FaceTime with my dad {Pops} while we eat.


6:15pm – Clean up dinner, take the boys upstairs for bathtime, since Brooks decided to wipe applesauce in his hair and Graham smells like vomit after waking up from his nap. Charles gets home while we are doing tub time.


6:45pm – Now it’s time to change for bedtime and play with dad for a bit before bed.

7:00pm – Since my mom is spending the night, she gets to put Brooks down for bed. He loves the extra treat + time with Gaga!


7:15pm – Nurse Graham, who – surprise, surprise – is still up, but pleasant, so I don’t complain. Charles and I take turns rocking Graham who is clearly fighting off sleep.


8:22pm – Graham is out – high five!


8:30pm – Homeland, wine + Crossing my fingers everyone stays asleep for the night.

9:30pm – Lights Out! Catch you on the flip side!

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  • Reply Ani January 28, 2016 at 9:14 am

    Love the day in the life posts! Would you mind sharing what car track that is in the pics? And how old was Brooks when he started playing with it? I have a 15 mo old boy and I’m on the prowl for something new to keep him entertained. Right now he’s into the Melissa and Doug train (he takes the blocks off and puts them back on).

    • Reply Leslie January 28, 2016 at 12:32 pm

      They were a gift for Christmas from our neighbors, I think they got them from QVC? They are awesome!

  • Reply Patty O January 28, 2016 at 6:10 pm

    Loved the post – don’t know how you do it day in and day out, but so glad to be able to help out a couple of days a week and so grateful to be able to spend quality time with my grandsons!

  • Reply Valerie January 30, 2016 at 7:56 am

    Love the DIL posts! I am expecting in May (a boy) and love seeing all of your adventures! If you don’t mind me asking, where did you get Brooks’ snow boots? I’d love to see a post on the kids winter weather gear and get your insight on your winter must haves with the boys!

    • Reply Leslie February 1, 2016 at 2:24 pm

      Valerie – They are from Gap! I’ll totally be doing a kids winter weather gear post – thanks for the idea!

  • Reply Jennifer February 3, 2016 at 12:56 pm

    Loved the post! It’s really helpful to know that I’m not the only one (1)taking forever to get out of the house with the little one and (2) whose son’s lunches often consists of random items.

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