Back on My Feet 5 Miler 2016 Race Recap

So this past weekend I ran the Back on my Feet 5 Miler. I ran this race back in 2014 and it was a good one because it was my first race back after having Brooks! So it brings back good memories – ha!

I was excited to run it again this weekend because I love the 5 mile distance and I knew that it would be a great race before Broad Street {10 miles} coming up in May and the Hot Chocolate 15k next weekend as well. For more info on my upcoming race plans, check out my 2016 Race Calendar.


Check out my new favorite leggings

I knew this race would be perfect to prep me as it’s the perfect ‘ halfway to Broad Street’ training plan for my 10 miler in May. But it’s not the best prep for the 15K Im running next weekend! I needed a little more than 5 miles under my belt this past weekend, so I decided to go out and run 2 miles BEFORE the race. Crazy person? Possibly! Ha!


I ran my 2 miles right before the race and they felt quick and easy. I am so happy I decided to run them before because I knew I would push myself during the race and wouldn’t feel like running any more – was totally the right call.

After my quick two, I met up with my running buddy Kelly at the start. It was so much more packed this year than in 2014 – more people heard about it as a great training run for Broad Street!

I didn’t even check the course before the race and I though it was a up and back MLK Drive, so I was pleasantly surprised when the race started and we went a different route! I hate out and backs – they are so boring!

lets go

High-Fives for the mascots on the way out!


We started out on MLK and it was the perfect morning for a run.


I didn’t know where the course was going, but I knew it wasn’t a true out and back. I was a little surprised with this massive hill up around the 2 mile mark {which was technically 4 miles for me} that one hurt so good.


Obviously a selfie is a great distraction for running up a massive hill.


The course took us right by the Please Touch Museum, where the boys and I frequent. I was excited about this little route and might add it to my running schedule because it was nice to change things up!


And it was nice to take in the sights I usually drive by!


What goes up, must come down..


Kelly and I didn’t run the whole race together, but we eventually found each other that last 1.5 mile of the race and finished together. It was amazing timing because I was seriously feeling it from doing 8:30 splits – which turned down to a 9:00 minute mile after mile 5 {7 for me!} So much for negative splits!

us home stretch
I officially finished the race in 45:16 – a 9:04 pace – which I’m really happy with. I think with the other 2 miles tacked on I did 7 in a little over 60 minutes, which is awesome.

I was seriously feeling it at the end and am just hoping that was enough to get me to 15k this weekend!


So happy my running buddy Kelly + her hubs Adam were able to join in on this fun race!


Check out these cuties who came to see me cross the finish line!



Oh – and if a 7 mile run wasn’t enough – I took Brooks out for a 8 mile bike ride later that afternoon!

If you are looking for an awesome seat for your little to ride with you on your bike – this is it! So comfortable, easy to install and Brooks LOVED it! We borrowed this from a friend to try out and are hooked !

ride along


Now it’s your turn to share – 

Any fun race or fitness goals on your calendar?



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  • Reply Sana March 29, 2016 at 3:59 pm

    5 miles is my favorite distance to run! You can with done within the hour. Awesome job!

  • Reply Patty O March 29, 2016 at 7:37 pm

    Kudos to you, Kelly and Adam, especially for you running 2 miles before the race. You truly are a beast – so proud of you!

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