7 Months with Baby Graham

Look at me! Doing a monthly update for Graham on time! Woohoo! #proudmom #secondchildproblems I had it on my blog calendar to get this post done and even though this week is crazy with vacation prep, it was fun to look back at the past month with Graham and give him a little blog love! So much has happened between 6 + 7 months – he’s sitting up, eating like a champ and is turning into the sweetest little babe. I love this little man more and more everyday!

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Growth – No update on the weight or height since his 6 month appointment, but little man is still packing on the lbs! Both he and Brooks are both such solid babies – Graham has a little more pudgy meat on his bones than Brooks ever did  but still – my little man is growing, a little too quickly for my taste!


Nursing – Still doing really well in the nursing world. I’ve been trying the past few weeks to be more aware of when + how often I’m feeding him – so when he is with my parents for a week, they know what to expect a little bit in terms of a schedule. It’s hard because we really don’t have a schedule with G, like I did with B at this age – because we are always out and about with B. It’s a little confusing, but at the same time I think it’s good for Graham to be able to be flexible and go with the flow, which he is great at! Most days we nurse on average 5 times a day


Feeding – Little Graham LOVES TO EAT! Pretty much anything we put in front of him, he loves and will do his very best to put into his mouth himself with his own two hands – with the exception of yogurt, which he also loves, which I help him with because I try to spare myself the crazy mess. Whatever we are having for dinner that night, pretty much just like Brooks, Graham gets and he finds a way to eat. He’s eaten more spaghetti and meatballs in one sitting than I’ve ever seen Brooks eat! He loves food! I make sure I feed him 3 meals a day – I can tell when he gets cranky its because he hasn’t been fed! Which I don’t blame him for!


Sleeping – I thank my lucky stars every night that we have been blessed with two really great sleepers – Graham is no exception. I have been putting him down around 7, when Charles puts Brooks down – I still nurse him to sleep, and then I *knock on wood* don’t see him until around 6:30/7am the next day. Of course there are nights where he gets up now and then, but it’s usually before 10pm – and then Charles or I go in and rock him for a bit and he’s usually fine until morning. I should say that I also don’t sleep with the sound on for the baby monitors – We are right above them so if anything is wrong or anyone is crying, we can hear them – but sometimes Graham cries out a time or two during the night and he’s still asleep. I don’t need to be woken up for that! It’s been working for us great and everyone is getting their rest!


Naps – Graham’s most consistent nap is in the morning, he goes down around 8:30/ 9am every morning for his first sleep, no matter when he got up. He sleeps anywhere from 1 -3 hours during that time. Which is awesome but is hard to plan for anything too. I try to make sure we are home for Graham’s nap in his crib in the morning about half the week to be fair to him – the other half he naps on the go if we are out and about, but we’ve been spending more mornings in because it’s nice to have a happy, well rested babe! He will nap another time or two during the day, but they are much harder to predict – usually around 12/1 for an hour or so. As the day goes on, he gets more tired but more unlikely to nap, which results in me holding him for the second half of the day – which is fine, better than a screaming little! But I’m hoping we can get into a more consistent nap groove soon, preferably both on the same schedule! Ha! I know I’m asking for a lot!


Development – As a second child, I’ve found I hold Graham a lot more. Partly because he loves to be held and partly to keep him safe from his brother, who is a crazy man! Ha! Because of that he’s been a little behind where Brooks was at this age! At 7 months, Brooks was starting to crawl. Graham, I’ve seen crawl in his crib to get something he wants on occasion, but nothing more than that. B also was sitting up around 6 months. Last week, I decided it was time for Graham to sit up on his own. I did a little baby bootcamp intensive and within 3 days, he’s sitting up! I knew he could do it, just needed to learn how to sort out his muscles, which he did when I gave him the time to learn! It’s crazy how quick these littles can pick up something when you make the effort to teach them!

He also started opening and closing his fists, sort of like a backwards hello, to let you know when he wants something. It’s really cute – this started just the other day. I’m excited to start baby sign language with him like I did with Brooks! So sweet!


Clothes – Did a major closet haul in Graham and Brooks’ rooms to make room for spring + summer clothes. Graham is pretty much in 12 month clothes now. 9 months fit him perfectly but we have more 12 month options for him so thats usually what he’s in. He has SO MANY CLOTHES from Brooks. I didn’t even realize how much we had gotten for Brooks! Lucky for use we had another boy and could use it all over again!


Brothers – Brooks and Graham are so sweet together. Brooks is helpful, charing and always inclusive of his brother. He gets him toys, always gives him something to play with, makes him laugh and every morning the first thing he does when he comes downstairs is run over to his brother and say “Hi Baby Gam, what you doing?” It’s adorable. And now that Graham is sitting up, he’s even more fun for Brooks to play with, since they can sit and play things together!

Loves – Graham is at the sweetest age and he’s such a little lover. He loves to be held, loves to be in the carrier and loves when you make big crazy faces at him – he loves to give the biggest smile back! He loves to sit and play with toys and whenever I put him on his belly, he loves to roll back on his back immediately – just because he can. Graham loves bath time, running water, being outside and stroller rides. He love his brother too!

Here are some more of my favorite pictures + the best moments from the past month with baby Graham:
ball carry cart juice v brothers high chair hippos jumperoo swings trio bowtie happy hour bros nurse30

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  • Reply Patty O April 13, 2016 at 11:00 am

    I have to say I love this age – Graham is becoming so much more animated and fun to be with and I love watching Brooks and Graham interact – so sweet! Graham is just precious!

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