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“This post was sponsored by Nature Made® as a part of a Blog Blast for Influence Central. 


Wellness starts from the inside out. Last month, I shared my love for Nature Made + did a little check in on my 2016 goals and this month I’m excited to share with you a few things I do, on the daily to make sure I keep my wellness in check. It’s not always easy to put myself first with the two littles around – it usually all about them and whatever’s left, I get a little something for me.

Things like stress and busy schedules are unavoidable occurrences in our everyday lives and might take a toll on our wellness. Whether we turn to yoga to re-center ourselves, take additional vitamins, or cuddle up with a book on a quiet afternoon, we strive to strike the perfect mind-body balance that keeps us functioning at our best.

For me it’s a few basic things that I do during the day, with or without the littles, to try to put my wellness first and keep my health front of mind:

1} Water {or Juice} – I don’t really keep anything in the house except for water, milk for B, and wine {duh} – so if I’m drinking something, it’s always water {or juice}. I like to spruce up my water by adding fruits to it for a little extra kick, and to make them look pretty!

mint water

2} Sweat – While I don’t get as much time to devote to getting my sweat on as I would like, I feel like the time that I do get – free from my two littles – is important, so I make it count! Sure, I wish I was able to spend an hour or two every day working out, going to classes, getting my sweat on – but that’s just not the case with childcare and staying home with the littles. So I make a plan at the start of every week to sneak in some runs or time for exercise when I can and I feel good about what I am able to do!

off road running

3} Eat Right – This one is tough when it should be easy. But with time for shopping, time for cooking, now feeding Brooks and Graham {who eat what we eat, but it’s not always as simple as that}

Summer Yum

4} Daily Vitamins – something so simple and so easy is taking my vitamins everyday. Nature Made are my favorites because they are the nation’s #1 best-selling brand for quality vitamins, minerals and supplements* to help support nutritional gaps. They are also  the #1 Pharmacist recommended supplement brand in 9 categories**. I pick up my vitamins at Walmart.


5} Quiet Time – sounds silly, but after being with the little ones all day, after they go down to bed and I do a little work, I always need a little quiet time to myself. Whether that’s reading a book, watching a movie or just zoning out with a glass of wine. It’s how I relax after hectic day with the littles!



Want to work on your wellness from the inside out? Enter for a chance to win a $50 Walmart Gift Card to check out Nature Made yourself!

Nature Made Wellness 5

Giveaway ends April 12th / *I-C will randomly select 20 winners from all program entries and will handle fulfillment of the winning prizes.


Be sure to check out Wellness with Nature Made for yourself as well as the Nature Made Total Wellness Twitter Party on Tuesday, April 5th at 1 – 2 pm ET – use the Hashtag: #NatureMade and check in with  @MomCentral to chat about the new health routines you’ve built in 2016 and your goal towards total wellness. Whether taking regular yoga classes or spending time relaxing and reading a book, your total wellness focuses on the body and the mind. Nature Made’s Daily Boost program is here to help give inspiration and keep you going with your goals! Up for grabs –  2 pre-party winners and 6 party winners will receive a $50 Walmart gift card.


 *Based in part on data reported by Nielsen through its Scantrack Service for the Vitamins Category for 52-week period ending 1/02/2016, for the xAOC Market. Copyright © 2016 Nielsen.

**Based on US News & World Report – Pharmacy Times Survey, Nature Made is the #1 Pharmacist Recommended Brand in Nine Categories – Letter Vitamins, Omega-3/Fish Oil, Coenzyme Q10, Flaxseed Oil, Herbal Supplements, Cholesterol Management-Natural, Garlic, Diabetic Multivitamins and Mood Health Supplements


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