8 Months with Graham

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Growth – I’m having some serious issues with how fast my baby is growing up. I had a little weep session last week in the morning because I know that in the next few months, Graham is going to quickly transform, in the blink of an eye, from my baby into a little little. He’s on the brink of crawling, seriously, any day now and he’s just getting so big! Not sure on stats as we haven’t had an appointment lately, but he’s solid.


Nursing – We are still exclusively nursing! Pumping while on vacation {for a week!} this month didn’t really change anything, except make me REALLY not like pumping. Ha. We nurse 4 times a day, most days and while he does it, he’s just so interested in everything going on around him so he’s usually pretty distracted. The morning session is when he gets the most {obviously from 12+ hours} and then we usually nurse before or after naps, depending on when they fall – and then again before bed. I stopped nursing Brooks before a trip at 14 months, but I feel like Graham may stop on his own before then! And yes, that makes me weepy.


Feeding – Another reason Graham isn’t as into nursing is because he loves food SO MUCH. He eats anything and everything. If you put it in front of him, he’s gonna find a way to eat it. Even though he has no teeth. We love baby led weaning and I honestly don’t know why anyone does anything else – it’s so easy! Just give the baby what you are eating and let him play, explore and eat! Such a great way for them to try lots of great new foods. Graham loves noodles {pasta, lo mein}, eggs, cheese, yogurt, watermelon, pizza – all the essentials! Whatever we eat, he eats!


Sleeping – Still doing really well sleeping. I look back at where we were with Brooks and I think as he was my only child at the time, I obsessed about it a bit more. Graham goes down at 7 and sleeps until 7. It’s amazing. I don’t know what I did to deserve such great sleepers, but they are seriously great. I think part of it is because we are consistent every night and they are on a schedule. They need the sleep and as I stay at home with them all day, I look forward to the 7pm cut off time! It really works for us and everyone wakes up happy and rested!

little love

Naps – Naps are a little harder for #2 because of #1. Grahams best nap is in the morning between 8:30 – 9am and he sleeps anywhere from 1-2 hours. Unfortunately, thats in prime time for when we do something with Brooks before his 1pm nap. I usually try to split up the week where half of the time Graham gets his morning nap in the crib and the other half of the week he has to nap on the go and we are out and about. He usually does another nap around Brooks’ nap time in the afternoon. When that magical moment happens and I get both of them down together, it’s all sorts of amazing!


Development – I haven’t paid as much attention to this stuff with baby #2 because I haven’t had the time but also because I know Graham is doing great! He loves to play, loves to explore and is always looking to his brother to show him the ropes! Ha! They are going to be quite the little duo!


Clothes – Just getting rid of anything in 6 months – he fits perfectly in 9 month clothes, but 12 months are the most comfortable.


Brothers – These two are so cute together. Brooks loves to give Graham hugs and tell him he loves him all the time. They play together and Brooks is always helping me with Graham, playing with him or grabbing him a toy when he needs it. Can’t wait until they are really able to PLAY together!

bro play

Loves – Graham loves everything. He loves to play, loves to be held + cuddled, loves his big bro, LOVES Jackson, loves to be outside. He loves to sit up but loves to find a way to roll around the room. He’s on the brink of crawling, which is later than it was for Brooks, but I’m not in any rush for it! He’s just such a sweet, happy, smiley little man – I can’t get enough of my sweet baby Gam.


Here are some more of my favorite pictures + the best moments from the past month with baby Graham:
longwoodLOVEswing Jlo mein friends noah
card guestpark target

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  • Reply Leslee @ Her Happy Balance May 11, 2016 at 11:38 am

    Two words – those cheeks!! 🙂

  • Reply Patty O June 4, 2016 at 7:24 am

    Can’t believe he is 8 months already, but what a cutie pie he is!

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