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A few weeks ago, before our magical trip to Mexico – that now seems like a distant, distant memory – I was invited to The Wall Cycling Studio to check out their new BYO Baby Barre ™ class – ha! I love that name.


This class is designed for mommies and babies (aged 6 weeks-crawling). Step up to the barre while spending some quality time with your little one! You’ll get to meet other mommies just like you while getting in a great postnatal workout! The focus of this class is to rebuild strength in the areas that are most often weakened by pregnancy and delivery. We will focus on regaining strength in the pelvic floor, core, and glutes while also improving endurance and retraining balance & posture. Please bring a front-facing baby carrier or sling and a receiving blanket for baby. We’re all new mommies here, so rest assured that it’s completely normal for babies to get fussy, hungry, or need to be changed during class. All postpartum women are welcome after being cleared by their physician for exercise.


I was excited to try this class out because with the little ones it’s been really hard to get a workout in – hence why I had to say no to Broad Street. It’s easier when I have help to just scoop up one of the littles – usually Graham – and take him along for a workout class.

The first half of the class – we had the babes in the carriers – check out my post on all the baby carriers – and we were on the barre. Man, you forget what it feels like to move and stretch like that when you haven’t done it in a while! I was feeling that workout for two days after! A barre workout is no joke.

Graham was awake, looking around, taking in the sights, the bumpin’ music and the instructors words the first 25 minutes of class. And then right before we were to go down to the mat – which is when the babes get to play a little – Graham passed out. Hard.


Usually whenever I transfer him from the carrier to anything – stroller, carseat, bed – he wakes up. But not this time.

In his defense, the class was right smack in the middle of his nap time. He usually wakes up around 7am and is back asleep by 8:30-9:00am. In the car ride over to class he fell asleep the last two minutes of the ride – and I broke my cardinal rule as a mom – never wake a sleeping babe. But I figure if he gets a nice morning nap in his crib 4-5 days a week, then if he has to nap on the go while I get some things done for me or the house, then that seems fair.

Back to the class – Graham slept on me for a few minutes while the class was going on around us. Everyone was working out, having fun, playing – and my workout buddy was just sleeping through it all.

partner fail

Notice everyone actually doing the workout in the background while I lay on my back with a sleeping baby on my chest.

I win.

Eventually, after taking in a few snuggles, I made the transition to put him on his blanket – again, thinking he would wake up – but no. He kept on snoozing, so I went on trying to do class solo – even though it was made to be done with a baby! Ha!


When you workout partner passes out mid class….

// bar necklace

All in all – it was a fun morning out with my littlest, even if he did snooze through most of it. He got his nap in, which I am happy about and I got a workout in – which I felt for days after class!

For those interested – he slept 15 minutes past when class actually ended and I was *thisclose* to getting a ticket from my meter being expired! But I was NOT about to wake a sleeping baby 2 times in one morning!
3 lbs

I was so excited to have a workout option in the area where I could take my babe with me to sweat. I feel like there aren’t that many options – even less that work with my schedule with the two babes. So I was happy I got to try this one out. We will definitely be back  to The Wall Cycling Studio in Manayunk – they have other locations too, check them out!



Do you know of any awesome mom + babe workout classes?

Have you been to a great one?! Please share !



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    What a great little partner you have there!

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