Top 10 Mom Moments from the Weekend

I though it would be fun to do a little “day in the life” sort of post, but just highlighting my top mom moments from the past weekend! The boys are both at such fun, sweet + crazy ages – it’s important to remember to embrace the insanity, and let the other moms out there know they aren’t alone! Ha!blanket

I have to begin with the start of the weekend {for us, that’s Friday} with my Crazy Mom Moment #1 – when we spent a lovely morning at the Franklin Institute with Sabrina {@rhodeygirltests} and her daughters. We had SO much fun and at the end, we let the kids run around outside and then we took a cute group photo.


The kids were sweet and adorable for about 5 seconds – long enough to get this picture – but then Brooks decided he was over it {#toddlerlife} and tossed Valentina {1 year old} off the bench. I can’t believe I got the picture I did {above} of baby V flying through the air! She was a-ok, landed on grass and was completely fine – and her mom gave me permission to post the picture. But it was definitely a mom moment to remember. Is it bad, this picture makes me laugh every time I see it?


Next we enjoyed the sunshine + warm weather in shorts having some fun watering the flowers. It’s all fun and games until Mom Moment #2 when your toddler turns on you with the hose, completely soaking you and half the kitchen inside the house, because being the idiot I am, I left the door open for a split second. That was fun to clean.


But on Friday, Mom Moment #3 is a good one because we had a little early happy hour fun on our neighbors roof deck. A little wine to block out the crazy from the day, a little sunshine and a amazing view of the city.


Saturday started out with a little trip to Lowe’s – we are working on repainting our back yard area {and when I say “we” I mean Charles} Mom Moment #4 is a cute one because Brooks LOVES Lowe’s {or Home Depot – he has no preference} and we go through all the aisles and he tells us what EVERYTHING is. Everything.

“That’s a light mommy”

“That’s a vent mommy”

“That’s a fire extinguisher mommy” – What?!

This kids vocabulary and speaking ability is off the charts. Every day he surprises me with a new word, statement or sentence. He speaks clearer every day. We can have complete conversations with him, it’s nuts and he’s growing up so fast. Too fast.


After Lowe’s it was time for a quick trip to the park. I figured if the boys are nice enough to “allow” us to get few things done, it’s only fair to let them run around and get some fresh air {I’m not all that nice, I just want them to take a good nap – ha!} Mom Moment #5 was seeing Brooks on this giant tire swing! My little babe isn’t so little anymore – it’s so fun to watch him – he’s so brave and fearless!


After nap we headed back out again. When it’s nice out, we like to be outside as much as possible. It gets boring inside and we stay home, I find myself letting Brooks watch tv more than I would like – so outside we go. Brooks’ favorite thing in the world is to just find an open green space and play soccer, baseball or frisbee. He’s happy to run around for hours. And Graham is at a great age for rolling around on a blanket, watching the world go by, which is exactly what we did.

Mom Moment #6 was sitting on the blanket, watching Brooks + Charles play frisbee and nursing Graham. I’m into sharing the breastfeeding love!


Mom Moment #7 is pretty much all the mealtimes. Because it’s a crazy CRAZY mess.

Seriously, the messiest.eats

We are doing baby led weaning – which is when you DON’T puree – you just give the little what you are eating {within reason} Graham loves to eat and he loves to play with his food and explore {part of the BLW process} .


Sunday started off with a Mom Moment #8 win because I got to spend a few hours solo at a friends baby shower, so that was fun. I love being able to have some time to get dressed up, hang out with friends, and being fed brunch with a side of mimosas is always a good thing too! Major win!

And to go along with my outfit – the dress is from here, old but amazing. And these shoes! Ah! Treated myself for Mother’s Day and I want another pair in another color because I love them so much!

milk fail

Mom Moment #9 was a major fail because the frozen milk I left out for Charles to feed Graham had a hole in it, which makes me very sad. It was only 4 oz. of milk but it was still 4 oz! Wah Wah.


Mom Moment #10 win for the weekend are these matching mama + Brooks birks! How cute are they? We spent Sunday evening at a neighbors house for a BBQ and these were just the cutest little shoes for a night out for Brooks. Can’t wait to see more of his toes in them this summer! Ha!



Do you have any favorite mom moments from the weekend?

Please share!



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turns blue

Seriously, the wetness indicator – gotta love it! Makes knowing when we have to change them, especially when they are tiny, super easy. No questions asked – they are wet + it’s blue!

oh hey

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selfie toes

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