9 months with Graham

So this post is 2 weeks late of him officially turning 9 months old, but I figured it still totally counts since its in the same month. Winning! But I love making sure I do this every month because it’s so much fun to look back and see – it’s even more fun when there’s a sibling involved so you can look back and compare cuteness {both win!}

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9 months 35 - 38

Growth – We just had Graham’s appointment yesterday so I am jam packed with stats for you! He is 20 lb. 8 oz. and 28.75 inches long. Little man is just over the 50th percentile for height and weight. So funny when I get those stats because he always just seems like such a porker, but he’s actually “average” When Brooks was 9 months – how’s that for a throwback! – Brooks was 20 lbs. on the dot, 28.5 inches. So Graham is just a tiny bit bigger {but also this appointment was 2 weeks late #oops} and they have the same size head at 9 months. Ha Little twins!


Nursing – We are nursing about 3-4 times a day. First thing in the morning, before his first nap, before his afternoon nap and before bed. Yes, he usually nurses to sleep and yes, I know that’s not what they tell you to do, but it’s what I did with Brooks and he’s an amazing sleeper. Graham is also capable of waking up and putting himself back down, which he does all the time. So I figure it’s all good.


Feeding – Graham pretty much eats everything in sight. Even if it’s something you don’t think he can eat because he has only one tooth that’s poking through, he can totally find a way to eat it. He’s been eating a little less this past week – because of that pesky tooth coming through, no fun. But usually it’s everything and anything. Baby led weaning is amazing – messy but amazing. His favorite food at the moment is orange slices.


Sleeping – I have been blessed with two amazing sleepers and I know it. Graham goes down when Brooks does – at 7pm and he usually sleeps until 6:30/7a. Sometimes he gets up a little earlier on days when it’s really sunny out, but he’s always very happy in the morning hanging out in his crib for a bit. We’ve had a few nights this past month where its been harder to get him down, but I believe it was mainly teething issues and he’s been better, especially since we’ve been home.


Naps – Grammer is on 2 naps a day. He’s usually back down between 8-8:30am in the morning for anywhere for 30 minutes to 3 hours. It’s very hard to tell. He goes down for a second time when Brooks goes down for his nap around 1:00pm. Usually for an hour or so. Naps are a little touch and go since we are out and about most days, but at least 4 days a week I make sure he gets to have his morning nap in his crib.


Development – Little man started crawling last week which has been great. He was at the point where he was rolling around anywhere and everywhere so he was already on the go. I am not a lover of crawling, it’s sort of gross, but it’s really cute and I think it’s a fun way for Graham to keep up with his big bro a little bit.

Graham also loves to clap, does “so big” and waves. He knows his name, will turn his head wherever if you say it. He loves to smile and is so cuddly. He is also a little dramatic, like his bro, and can turn on his “fake cry” if he wants a change in his current situation. Ha.


Clothes – I sadly just packed up all of Graham’s 6 month stuff – sniff sniff – He’s pretty much busting out of his 9 month clothes, but he has such cute ones from Brooks for summer that I’m trying to squeeze him in a bit longer. 12 month stuff fits him most comfortably, but again, most of Brooks’ hand me down for that age is winter gear {from my January babe}


Brothers – These two are the sweetest. Brooks loves Graham – always includes him, bring him toys or snacks, makes sure he’s coming with us when we go somewhere and very recently they have really started to play a bit together. It’s the sweetest. I can’t wait to see them grow up together – everyone says they are like little twins, I can’t wait to see more of it!


Loves – Graham loves everything. He is my happy, smily little man. He loves to be outside, enjoys stroller rides, loves playing with anything and everything. He loves to eat and really loves enjoying interacting with people. He’s a little flirt!


Here are some more of my favorite pictures + the best moments from the past month with baby Graham:

bar airG babe watermelon melon babe hats tub hattt selfie skeptical twins kiss watermelon flyer hi woah buds hang

who wore it best: Graham {L} OR Brooks {R}

melonavalon chub radio

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  • Reply Patty O July 5, 2016 at 7:18 am

    Time is surely flying by and Graham is just thriving! Love how he is developing and becoming so much fun! Love that precious little man!

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