Beach Favorites for Baby + Toddler

So still having major computer issues + using my mom’s for now, but luckily, I started this post last week so I had a little head start! I have been at the beach for the past 3 weeks, since before Memorial Day, with the two littles. It’s been amazing, so much fun, with a side of crazy. I think the crazy goes without saying with the babes in tow – but luckily, I’ve had lots of family + friends down to visit which has been great.

We have been spending our days at the beach, exploring playgrounds, hitting up the zoo and just enjoying the salt air. It’s been so much fun – I am thankful to have parents + in-laws with beautiful beach houses and I’m blessed with a flexible schedule where I can work from anywhere!

Since I’ve been blowing up everyone’s Instagram, Twitter + Facebook feeds with pictures of us enjoying the beach, I’ve had tons of questions of what we’ve been using to keep the baby + toddler happy and entertained at the beach! Here’s my current list of our favorite things for baby + toddler at the beach!

beach favorites

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  • one – How cute is this little baby wagon? I had the vision that Brooks would use it to pack up the toys he wanted to take to the beach and wheel it there – that hasn’t happened yet, but he still loves playing with the wagon and all the toys that come in it!
  • two – If you are going to the beach with babies + toddlers, you need to bring a baby pool. It’s a great place to put a non walker, even without water in it – as a little safe place from sand. Brooks loves to fill this thing up with water and sand and sit there forever, splashing around, staying cool.
  • three – This wagon is amazing for the beach. The big wheels are so easy to drag it on the sand and it holds all the crap you need to haul along with you when you go to the beach with the babes. A little pricey, but worth it!
  • four – I enjoy having a sand bag like this for all the toys. Toss everything in at the end of the day and the sand drops out as you head home. Easy clean up!
  • five – Everyone needs this Bob for life and for the beach. It’s the only stroller that I’ve experienced to really be able to go through the sand on the beach. We’ve loved using this stroller even with two babes – Brooks just sits in the front section while Graham kicks him like crazy. But when you aren’t going very far, it works. The big wheels are amazing for the beach though.
  • six – The baby + toddler both love these cups – Brooks loves to fill them up with water {they drip different ways with various holes in the bottom} and fill them up with sand. Graham just loves to chew on them and knock them together – but they are an easy toy to pack that entertains everyone!
  • seven – We have a similar sun shade, couldn’t find our exact one since it’s a little old – but we LOVE it. Totally necessary for the beach with littles – we’ve even been able to score a few naps under it with Graham. Tried with Brooks, no such luck. But it’s great for snacks and a little break from the sun.
  • eight – You also don’t want to forget to bring a wet bag – I also love this one + this one, both on sale – but they are great to put your phone and keys and wallet in to keep dry and then toss in wet stuff as the day goes on.
  • nine – The Go Pod was something fun we bought when Brooks was little and I’ve been excited to use it again this season. It’s a great place for a non-walker to hang out – you can attach toys to it, set up a place for snacks and he just chills, watching the older kids play and he’s happy + not eating the sand! Winner!


What are YOUR beach favorites for baby and/or toddler?

Please share! Always looking to add to my collection! 


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  • Reply Patty O June 15, 2016 at 8:42 pm

    Great beach gear for the babes for sure!

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