My Floral Birthday Stitch Fix for June

So excited to share with you my June Birthday Fix! It was a little crazy actually getting my hands on my Fix this month since we have been sort of all over the place, but I finally did this week and I’m pretty pumped about it. It’s always so fun when a new Fix of fun clothes arrive at my doorstep.

As a busy mom, shopping in the store doesn’t usually happen for me. I do most of my clothes shopping online. But I love Stitch Fix because I get to try new things my stylist picks out for me that I wouldn’t normally choose – it’s awesome.


For this Fix I asked for a floral focus – I’m really into floral patterns at the moment so I thought it would be fun to have a little theme going on! Check out what I got and please let me know what you think!

And don’t forget -> If you want to try Stitch Fix out for yourself, please use my referral link to sign up AND check out my Stitch Fix page to get caught up on all my previous Fixes!fixers


 Alice Blue Lagos Keyhole Back Top $48lagos top

This top is pretty. I love the blue floral and I love the style – it’s flowy and easy to wear. I think it looks nice on me.floral top

The only hesitation I have is that the fabric is really delicate. It also wrinkles easily – not sure this is something I would wear out and about with my boys since the material is more dressy. But I still like it. What do you think? Would you keep it for the price?


shorts / earrings / shoes



Level 99 Cindie Printed Linen Short $78

cindie short

Next up are these floral shorts. I wasn’t a big fan of them out of the box  but I do think they look nice on. They are a nice length and a nice fit on me. Just not sure about the pattern/color – I think I would have a hard time finding new tops to wear it with and mix it up.


Also, they are linen and also they are a lot of money for shorts – $78 – ones that I can’t wear everyday all the time. Right? But they are cute and different – What do you think?



Skies are Blue Brittnie Embroidered Romper $74


This romper – I love it but I also hate it. The Brittnie name – totally feels like it’s something Britney Spears would wear – ha. I am really into rompers this season but I’m not sure this is it for me. I think it’s a touch short for my #momlife – also I would totally sweat through this bad boy on a hot day pushing the kids around in the stroller.


It’s really cute but I think its a tad young for me.

Don’t get me wrong, I would totally rock this if I had an occasion, but I currently don’t have one and don’t see on in the near future, therefore I am pretty sure I can’t keep this. Thoughts? Do you agree?


RD Style Goyle Off the Shoulder Tunic $68goyle

Ah. I love a fresh, new, white top – especially an off the shoulder one, so cute this season. But this bad boy had me a little perplexed. It’s really cute but I think the sizing may be off? It seems a bit bit and long for me. It also says its a tunic, but I think it’s a bit short to be a tunic.

off shoulder

I enjoy the cut-out detail in the bottom, it’s really pretty, but it also reminds me of a white off the shoulder top I kept {and LOVED} from a previous fix <- THAT was one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE FIXES!

Another cute top, but not sure I’m in LOVE – ya know?

back top


Seychelles Scout It Out Gladiator Heels $120gladator

I currently have an obsession with block heels. They are so freakin’ comfortable.


Seriously, I could walk around in these all. day. love. Even pushing a stroller – and that really says something.


Unfortunately they are very similar to my current favorites – seriously, if these were any other color, I would keep them. But they are too similar for the price.

I found them online here if you want to check them out for yourself!


Tell me I’m not crazy – they are way too similar to keep for the price? Right? RIGHT?

I have a bit of a shoe problem and ones that really are comfortable and cute are worth every penny.




Now it’s the hard part!

I need your opinions to help me decide {if anything!} -> What to Keep! I’m on the fence about a few things and would love to know your thoughts. What are YOUR favorite pieces from what I received in this Fix?! Please tell me what you think!

What Should I Keep? free polls


If you want to try Stitch Fix out for yourself, please use my referral link to sign up!

Don’t forget to catch up on my past Fixes by checking out my Stitch Fix page, which I just updated in reverse order so you can easily find the more current Fixes!

And just incase you aren’t Stitch Fix obsessed {like I am, duh!} – here’s some information on how you can try Stitch Fix out for yourself – Feel free to let you know if you have any questions!


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  • Reply Patty O June 21, 2016 at 9:00 pm

    Love the Blue Floral Top on you, just need to purchase a hand steamer to get wrinkles out!

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