A Morning in Cape May, NJ

We’ve been having an absolute blast at the beaches in NJ + DE this summer. Today we took a little morning excursion from Avalon, NJ to Cape May, NJ to check out the town and I thought it would be fun during the boys nap time today to pop in and share a bit about our day!

cape may

Cape May is about a half an hour from Avalon – a quick little drive down the Garden State Parkway, easy peasy. I let Graham have his morning nap and then packed everyone up and hit the road. cheese

Our first stop was the Cape May Lighthouse – I mentioned going there to Brooks and he was pretty excited about it so I thought it would be a fun little morning activity. Kids under 3 were free so that was a bonus – I strapped Graham to me – back carriers are not allowed, but it was ok since I was wearing him in the front and we made our way to the top.

up there

Brooks was a champ about climbing all the stairs – there are 199 steps to the top. He did most of them himself, but he is still a little on the slow side going up and down stairs, taking his time as he should. But I carried him up a few flights {yes, with Graham on me} since there was only one way up and down and we were holding up the line a bit. Ha.


When we reached the top we were greeted with gloriously beautiful views of the ocean, beaches and surrounding areas.


The far left of this photo is where the beach ends at Cape May as well as where the Delaware Bay + Atlantic Ocean meet. It’s a pretty beautiful spot and is known as Sunset Beach.

beach ends

I got a quick photo with the boys and then headed back inside. I’m not the best with heights and honestly being that far up standing on that tiny metal piece around the lighthouse didn’t make me feel great. Brooks seemed to like it and hung outside with Mimi for a bit.

I thought I would feel better about the height but it’s funny how your mind takes over and you can feel the fear. Ha. I’m a bit of a wimp I suppose – but I made it to the top with two littles in tow!


Worth the trip to the top for sure, but I was much happier enjoying the lighthouse from the ground!


both boys selfie

After exploring the lighthouse area we made our way back to the center of town to hit up a trolley tour. Brooks is a big Daniel Tiger fan and there’s a trolley on the show so he was pretty excited to ride in one, just like Daniel Tiger!

We took whatever tour was leaving next once we got there and it ended up being a great one – Mansions by the Sea! We got to check out the area of Cape May and see all the gorgeous houses + mansions with a little bit of history too.
house house1

Again, the boys were free so that was great. They also loved being in the trolley with the shade, the breeze going and all the snacks. It was a nice little break for all of us!


It was a great way to spend 45 and see Cape May and the beautiful area!


After that I wanted to check out the town a little bit and give Brooks and chance to walk around before the car ride home. The town is so cute and adorable – I would love to spend a day shopping and seeing more – I see a weekend away here in my future! How fun would a little B+B be?!

townlost at sea

A quick little stop for Ice Cream for Brooks, for being such a great day tripper {which he shared with Mimi}

ice cream

And a Juice for me and we were back on the road around 1:00 to be home in time to get naps in! It was a beautiful and fun little morning! And perfect timing too because the boys are waking up now and we are off to the beach!

Happy Monday!

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  • Reply Patty O July 11, 2016 at 8:33 pm

    Love Cape May and yes, staying in a B&B is great! Love your photos, what a fun day with the littles!

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