Taking a Break From Being on the Go – On Toddler Screen Time

I’ve said it time and time again on the blog, with the littles – we like to be on the go.

The zoo, the aquarium, the Franklin Institute, Please Touch Museum – these are a few of our favorite things { for more information check out our Favorite Philly Membership with kids} but all day, every day, we are on the go.

shareBUT I have to be honest with you, sometimes we are on the go SO MUCH that I wear myself out and towards the end of the week, I’m struggling. We are always out and about because I like to expose the kids to new things, we love the fresh air and it’s a change of scenery for all of us. I can’t sit at home all day, I would be bored. But I have to tell you, sometimes I look forward to those rainy days, or those days that it’s been way too hot outside to breathe  {we’ve had a ton of them lately}

When Graham was first born, Brooks was getting lots of screen time. Understandably so, with a new baby and a active toddler I turned on a show more often that I would like to get Brooks to sit still for a little while I took care, changed, fed, whatever with Graham. When Graham was born it was sort of perfect timing because Brooks was at the perfect age to actually sit and understand and enjoy and watch a show from beginning to end.

And I love getting to watch all my old favorite Disney and new favorite Pixar movies again – they are all so good!


This summer I’ve loved being able to have an ace up my sleeve to be able to get Brooks to sit down and be quiet. But as Graham got older, it was less and less necessary to have Brooks watching so much TV. Not we are at the point where he gets to watch a show in the morning as I get Graham to sleep for his nap and then that’s it – or at least I try to keep it to around that. TV and Movies are a treat for Brooks – and on the occasional rainy, or super hot day – or when mommy needs a little break from pushing the double stroller all around Philadelphia – we have a little movie date at home.

And guess what’s on the menu -> JOLLY TIME Pop Corn

A special movie treat HAS to have popcorn involved. Duh. And I’m a big fan of JOLLY TIME Pop Corn because it’s fiber-filled, low calorie and is pretty perfect for summer snacking. Brooks just recently had his first popcorn and he’s just as obsessed as I am. It’s so fun to sit down with my little, watch an awesome show {helloooo Pixar} and have a little treat. We both deserve it and sometimes it’s nice to just sit back and relax with my boys.


How do you take a break from being always on the go with the littles?

And what’s your though on toddler screen time?

Please share!

*******************oh yeah

A little more about JOLLY TIME Pop Corn – It’s my favorite and I love it because popcorn is a natural, whole grain food that is low in calories and fat. With the kids and running around all day, I try to keep my personal snacking to a minimum, but I never feel guilty when I snack on this – JOLLY TIME Pop Corn has the right amount of whole grains and fiber to aid in a healthier lifestyle.

Plus, how cute is this little mini popcorn bag? Perfect for a snack to share with a toddler!

little bag


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  • Reply Patty O August 10, 2016 at 1:47 pm

    What fun being able to chill out, watch Disney movies and eat Jolly Time popcorn
    with your son! Sounds perfect to me! Love Jolly Time products, especially the single
    serve bags.

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