12 Months with Graham

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I say it every month and I’ll say it again – my little man is getting so big, so quick! We had an amazing birthday party for him last weekend and I shared some of my favorite pictures of him over the past year but I wanted to do a 12 month round up too! 01

Growth – We had Graham’s 12 month appointment yesterday and here’s where he’s at for stats at the moment: For weight he’s in the 50% percentile  at 21 lbs. 12 oz. and for height he’s in the 85% percentile at 31.25 inches. He’s only gained about a pound since his last appointment at 9 months, but that’s pretty normal with how much more active he is now! The doctor is happy with his height and weight – little man has a great appetite and is certanly growing! He’s grown 3 inches in 3 months too! Wow!

Fun Fact: Graham and Brooks weight the {pretty much} exact same at 12 months but Graham is whole inch taller! scale

Nursing – Right now we are nursing 3-4 times a day, depending on naps – usually 3 times. Morning, noon and night pretty much. I’m having lots of pain again on one side – it’s pretty awful so I am starting to think about stopping soon. I’m thrilled I made it to one year with Graham already. I stopped with Brooks around 14 months, so we shall see.

carryFeeding – Graham is my little eater. He loves everything and will try anything. He LOVES fruit and vegetables, which is amazing because I totally can’t get Brooks to touch any of that! He LOVES clementines at every meal and Chipotle is a favorite of his {and mine!} too. Mealtime is certainly messy but he’s such an amazing eater.

chipotleSleeping – We honestly had a rough patch the past week – random 3 am wake ups, which are really rough to go back to after an amazing few months of sleep. Not sure if it’s just an off “wonder week” as a result of a growth spurt or what. I don’t think its teething at the moment, even though the top two are working their way out – I think it might be a result of his new nap schedule, more on that below.

lipsNaps – So about the same time we started having sleep issues over the past week, I started trying to see if Graham would go from two naps to one. His morning nap was always usually a good one, but the afternoon was usually a dud – so I wanted to see if I could combine the two in the hopes of getting an amazing dual nap by both boys! It hasn’t been so successful, but I think we are sort of getting there. Brooks switched to one nap around this time so we shall see. Not having to worry about a morning nap would really free up our mornings to do some other fun things, which I would prefer. Hopefully G will get on board soon too !sleep

Development – Little man is chatting away, he loves to “talk” and even has a few words – Uh-Oh, Dada and Jax {or “that”}. He is also cruising everything – loves to walk along the wall, furniture, couch, pretty much anything he can get his little hands on. Graham also has a bit of a temper, which is something we never really experienced much with Brooks.

mirrorClothes – Graham is in 12/18 month clothes at the moment, with the 12 months being a little snug. Unfortunately him and his brother being opposite seasons hasn’t helped me much.

noah-loveBrothers – The more mobile Graham gets the more I see how much trouble I am going to be with these two little boys. They LOVE to wrestle and play together, when Graham starts walking I know it’s going to be all over. I love watching the two of them play together and love that they are so close in age they are just always going to remember being together. Brooks loves his little brother and I know Graham looks up to his brother and loves to follow him around, doing exactly what he’s doing! They are so sweet together!

toe-popLoves – Graham has lots of loves! He loves to eat, loves to be outside, loves his big brother, loves to be carried and loves to PLAY! He’s such a sweet little snuggler, I’m afraid to blink because my little baby is on the cusp of no longer being a baby! {hold me}

swingHere are some more of my favorite pictures + the best moments from the past month with baby Graham:

more-01 more-more-01

g bBB IMG_4331 kiss1

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  • Reply Krista September 14, 2016 at 4:46 pm

    He seems a bit young for just one nap. I say don’t rush it- don’t want to mess with that good night sleep!! Maybe you could cut the first one to a half hour or so and then he’d take a long afternoon one? My kids were 20ish months when they switched to one, but I know that’s late.

  • Reply Patty O September 14, 2016 at 9:53 pm

    Gaga also wants time to stop – the boys as growing up way too fast – but looking forward to many fun years ahead with them! Keep up the great job Mama!

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