Make Safe Happen – Home Fire Drill Day

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Fire safety is a serious concern now that I have two little ones and we are living in the city with tons of houses, restaurants and businesses around us. People practice fire drills at work and children practice at school, but many families don’t practice fire drills at home where most fires actually occur. Something that is changing in our home immediately!

When Brooks was a little tiny tot, making a fire safety plan might not have made much sense, but now that he is in school himself this is really something we can easily plan for at home to make everyone a little more aware of what we would do in case of a fire. It’s not something you really think about, unless you’ve been directly affected by a fire – but communicating with your kids to get out of the house and not hide inside is a serious concern. Something everyone should do – because I could easily see a 2-3 year old hiding in a moment of panic, instead of make his or her way out of the house.


While home fires can happen at any time, they are generally more common during the fall and winter months. Now that we are officially in that season, I was excited to be a part of spreading the word and inspiring other families to be safe and to be prepared in the event of a fire-related emergency in their home.

In terms of an at home fire drill -> You should practice regularly, try to do it at least two times each year to be the most prepared. Try practicing during the day and at night. And be sure to test your smoke alarm once a month. This will not only ensure that it’s working properly, but will help familiarize children with it, and remind them of the sound. Replace the batteries of each smoke alarm once a year. If your alarm comes with a 10-year battery, you won’t have to change the battery each year, but you still need to test it every month.

A little fun fact I just learned -> Smoke alarms do expire. Install a new one every 10 years, or as recommended by the manufacturer. Never unplug the smoke alarm or remove the batteries. If you hear the “chirp” that warns of a low battery, replace it immediately.


With Brooks and Graham, there’s nothing I wouldn’t do to keep them safe and make them feel safe at all times. I think its important to have fun and laugh with your kids, but also instill in them at a young age that some things are no laughing mater and are meant to be taking seriously. Fire and Water safety are top on that list for me for sure – so I’m excited about the Nationwide Make Safe Happen initiative to help keep more kids and families in the Safe Zone!

Next Saturday, October 15, 2016, Nationwide Make Safe Happen, with members of the Make Safe Happen Advisory Council will launch a new national observance day: Home Fire Drill Day. Families across the country are encouraged to practice their home fire drills, ensuring that American families – especially children – know the escape plan and are prepared in the event of a home fire.

And for a little more fun, be sure to check out the “Promises” Video


And take the Home Fire Drill Day Pledge



Do you have a Fire Drill plan in your home?


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  • Reply Patty O October 9, 2016 at 6:47 am

    Having a Fire plan is essential with a young family, not only at the child’s house but grandparents, friends, etc. Thanks for reminding me of the importance of this matter.

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