My Morning Routine

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Every morning, as long as there are no early morning freak outs by the littles, I do the same thing. I wake up, in theory before the boys, and head downstairs for a minute alone before the craziness of the day begins. The boys go down at 7pm at night and I usually don’t get them from their rooms until about 7-7:30am. I’m usually up around 6:30, I wish I could sleep more, but I’m up! So I head downstairs, I warm up or cool down {been having lots of iced lately} a cup of coffee, turn on the TV to see what’s going on in the world, fill up my massive water bottle for the morning and take my vitamin.


I love my little quiet time in the morning by myself. Sometimes it’s only a few minutes, but I’ll take it and I love being able to start my day before the littles!

Side Note: If you don’t have one of these water bottles, you need one in your life. It’s 40 oz. keeps everything cool and refreshing. I make it a goal to drink at least 2 of these a day.
Flask Hydro

Back to my morning – Ever since I was a kid, I remember coming down for breakfast in the morning, sitting at the table and my mom would have my daily vitamin waiting for me. It’s sort of a routine at this point now too because I took my prenatal vitamins daily for pretty much the better part of the past 3 years while I was pregnant. That whole – if you do something for 2 weeks straight, it becomes a habit – totally works. Try it, with anything!

I made the switch to Sundown Naturals® recently because not only am I obsessed with the gummy vitamin – but I also love that they are free of gluten, dairy, and artificial flavors.

I am currently rotating between the Biotin Gummies and the Calcium Gummies. The Biotin is meant to support healthy hair, skin and nails. Since pregnancy, all of those things need a little extra love. If you’ve been recently pregnant, you know what’s up with all that. And the Calcium supports strong bones and teeth, again, all good things.

The gummy flavors are awesome too – grape, orange, cherry, peach and banana. I have a serious sweet tooth so these are a little treat in the am to get my day going.


Do you have a morning routine?

Please share!


If you want to find out what vitamin would be best for you to take – there are so many, sometimes it’s hard to decide – be sure to take a short quiz to determine what gummies are best for you!

We are all looking for ways to stay on top of our game – with Sundown Naturals® Adult Gummies Vitamins, we are able to do just that! And Walmart is THE PLACE to find Sundown Naturals® vitamins as they have a great selection and have vitamins for my whole family.


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  • Reply Patty O October 5, 2016 at 8:25 pm

    I too love gummy vitamins – try to get gummies in all the supplements that I like to take. Thanks for letting me know that WalMart carries this brand.

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