Child Proofing + Cord Safety

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Child. Proofing.

Way harder than it sounds, something that you will never really have done 100% and one of the reasons you can’t really trust the little ones alone in a room, ever.

At least I have a hard time with it at this point with my littles.

Even when I run upstairs to the restroom for literally 10 seconds {i sprint} they are usually into something they should’t be. They see a window of a lack of supervision and they go for it, I tell ya!

Ok, October may have just ended, but it’s still worth reminding you that it was National Window Covering Safety Month. I’m a big fan of childproofing all.the.things. I’ve found that you really can’t trust anything in your house to be really child proofed until you see how your little one will interact with it, and even then, give it a week, they will grow and change and their interactions will change and you will have to find a new way to finagle it so they can’t get into it.

Like the cabinet locks. Brooks figured those things out within a few weeks.

Not we close off the kitchen with the dog gate when we aren’t using it.



The boys are getting older and are more able to play with each other now that Graham is walking. I love being in the kitchen and listening to the two of them playing in the next room. They really have started to play and interact more – it’s going to be so fun and adorable as they grow.  BUT even when I think everything all good, I still have all my senses turned on high when I’m not exactly watching these little balls of energy  – they somehow always tend to get themselves into trouble.

I always need a little reminder myself as to what to keep an eye on to keep the littles safe, so I thought it would be worthwhile to put a little friendly PSA reminder to my fellow mamas out there to check your window coverings for exposed or dangling cords which can pose a strangulation hazard to infants and young children. If its possible, install only cordless window coverings or those with inaccessible cords in homes with young children –  cordless options can easily be identified by the Best for Kids™ certification label.

To aid consumers in making the right choice when selecting window coverings, cordless options can easily be identified by the new Best for Kids™ certification program.  In order to be eligible for this certification, manufacturers must meet the specified program criteria and submit their window covering products to a designated third party testing laboratory.  Once products pass testing, they may be labeled Best for Kids™.  Best for Kids products are currently available at major retailers across the country.


Here’s some great information from the Window Covering Safety website about how to keep your kids safe:



Do you have any great childproofing tips?

Please share! 



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  • Reply Patty O November 4, 2016 at 6:57 am

    You are absolutely right on – those window cords are dangerous and moms need to be aware of the hazard. It’s hard to child proof your home but necessary with littles! Great reminder for all the new moms out there!

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