A.Mano Philadelphia – A Seasonal Italian BYO

This past weekend as a part of a Christmas treat for Charles {I got us tickets to the Game of Thrones Experience in Philadelphia – more on that next week!} we were able to sneak away for a few hours, prior to the live Game of Thrones event, for a little date night dinner! 

outfit details: cold shoulder top {under $20} / Pegasus Necklace / OTK Boots {on sale!}

We live in the Fairmount area of Philadelphia, and there has been one restaurant on our list we’ve been dying to try {without the kids} so when we knew we would be able to squeeze in a dinner before the show, we know A.Mano would be the perfect spot!

We even brought one of our special bottles of wine from our recent trip to San Francisco!

Also, I love a good BYO in the city! Can’t beat that!

We were overwhelmed by all the amazing options on the menu, so we decided to go with the tasting menu! For $65 each, we got 3 appetizers, 3 pasta dishes, 2 main entrees, 1 side and two desserts! It was SO.MUCH.FOOD! And it was delicious!

And can I take a minute to share my love for the bread and butter?! This homemade sourdough was incredible. Soft, moist and amazing – I’d go back again just for the bread, and the rest of the meal knocked my socks off, so that’s saying something!

Roasted Cauliflower | Golden Raisins | Pine Nut | Mint Calabrian Chili Vinaigrette

This was my pick for the appetizers, so I’m glad we got it in the tasting menu. So delicious, with a little kick! And I love raisins, pine nuts and cauliflower all together – a great combo!

Seared Spanish Octopus|  Cockles | Chorizo | White Bean | Gremolata

I only had a bite of the octopus, because I’m a big baby, but Charles really enjoyed this dish. I was in love with the chorizo and the delicious sauce! A little out of my comfort zone, but the little that I had was really good!

Veal Carpaccio | Caper | Parmigiano | Pickled Mustard Seed

This is not so much my jam. I did have a taste, but couldn’t really get on board with this one. But if you are a veal fan, then I’m sure you would love it!

Cauliflower Mezzaluna | Balsamic Brown Butter | Toasted Almond | Amaretti

This dish is EVERYTHING. The balsamic brown butter, toasted almond, it was ridiculously good. I might go back next time and just try all the pasta dishes on the menu – the three we had were amazing! This was my favorite – savory and sweet!

Lumachelle all’Amatriciana | Guanciale | Fiore Sardo | Marjoram

Ok, I LOVED this one too. Really hard to pick a favorite! This had a little kick to it, which I loved. It was so tasty and full of flavor, would definitely order this again!

Gnocchi Ossolani | Toasted Hazelnut | Fontina Fonduta | Sage

I love a good gnocchi dish, and this one did not disappoint! Really yummy – but as you can imagine, at this point in the meal, I was getting a little full! But looking at these pictures again, I’m getting hungry! Ha!

Brussels Sprouts | Pecorino | Chili | Lemon

A side of Brussels for the table. I think I ate all of these myself – sorry Charles!

Chicken Milanese | Salsa Rosa | Cipollini | Roasted Potato

I told the waitress I wasn’t as big of a seafood fan, so I believe she helped steer our tasting menu away from most of that, which was awesome for me. Charles would have been more adventurous, but I wanted to get food I knew I would love! This chicken was delicious and crispy – I think the salsa was my favorite part!

Braised Short Rib | Chanterelle Mushroom | Castelvetrano Olive | Carrot Puree

And another entree we got to try was the short rib, one of my favorite things! This did not disappoint – tender and juicy, the carrot puree was incredible!

Barely had room for dessert, but once donuts were brought into the equation, it was all over. These were stuffed with apples and had a caramel dipping sauce. Serious yum.

And I have absolutely no idea what this was called, but it was delicious – and it had figs, yum!

So if you’ve learned anything from this post, I hope it’s to always get the tasting menu, because it will not disappoint and you will leave having enjoyed SO.MUCH.FOOD!

Yum! I can’t wait to go back again soon!

Do you have a favorite restaurant or one that’s on your list you’ve been dying to try? Would love to hear about it!

outfit details: cold shoulder top {under $20} / Pegasus Necklace / OTK Boots {on sale!}

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  • Reply Patricia McDermott March 2, 2017 at 9:06 pm

    Wow – so much food to try and it all looked delicious – glad you got to enjoy!

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