On Stopping Brooks’ Nap at 3 Years Old

So, I guess you can tell by this post’s title – we officially have a non-napper, at 3 years old.

<sniff sniff>

I posted on Instagram a while ago and I got a very mixed response about littles around this age that nap and that don’t nap. When we went to Brooks’ doctor appointment at 3 years old, she was a little surprised that he was still napping at that time – I guess Brooks got word that it might be ok to stop, and stop he did!

We’ve been struggling with nap issues for a while now and decided yesterday that having him not nap might be the best thing for everyone, so I figured it might be worth sharing on the blog incase anyone else is in a similar situation.

So at the end of January, right before Brooks turned 3, we put Brooks and Graham in the same room. Graham was no longer nursing, both boys go to bed at 7pm and everyone was sleeping through the night. We have a large bedroom where Brooks was sleeping and always planned on putting the boys together. We figured it might as well be sooner than later since they would be room sharing this summer at the beach.

Sharing the room at night as been perfect. No issues, all good.

Thank goodness.

The issue has been the nap. 

Graham, at 17 months old now, still REALLY needs a nap. He goes down between 12:30-1:30 everyday for 2-3 hours or so. He needs it and its a nice little break for me.

Brooks wasn’t really napping well in his crib – he was moving around, playing, reading – not being a bother, but just being enough of a noise-maker to cause Graham to not be able to sleep well.

I decided to put Brooks down for a nap in his sleeping bag, on the futon in my office. I set up a monitor there to keep an eye on him, but he’s never gotten off the couch without me, so I trusted him to stay put.

This sort of worked but sort of didn’t. Brooks would be in there, reading books, usually not napping. I’m all for a little quiet time in the afternoon, which I think he needs, but on the days where he would actually fall asleep, the rest of the day would be a disaster.

Brooks would be ‘off’ all afternoon, sort of in the way where you didn’t get a good enough rest. He would be tired, cranky, moody – not good. And every day where he actually took a nap when I gave him quiet time, bedtime would be awful as well. He would be hysterically crying, very clingy and upset – not like Brooks at all. 

I started noticing this pattern of rough bedtimes and naps/non-naps and last night, when we had a tough bedtime put down, which I believe to be resulting from taking a ‘bad nap’ I decided to make the switch officially.

On days when he doesn’t nap, he’s READY for his 7pm bedtime {and so is Graham} – and obviously I am too! And since both boys are sleeping to 7am and beyond, I love it! With our life and me staying home with the littles, I’m done by bedtime. They need their sleep and I need a break – plus I need time to get my stuff done after they go to bed too!

With keeping our 7pm bedtime as the most important thing, I’m happy to let Brooks have some special solo time with me while Graham naps.

Brooks is happier without his nap. He’s fun during the day, has quiet time with books while I get things done around the house, but then we can also play games and do things we just can’t do with Graham toddling around. Brooks isn’t dreading bedtime and I’m so happy about that – no one wants to put your kids down to bed for the night upset.

So that’s where we are with that. I will let you know if anything changes! Wish me luck with my non-napper!


Does your little one still nap?

If not – when did he/she stop?


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  • Reply Patricia McDermott March 7, 2017 at 7:03 pm

    Based on your facts, I think you are doing the best thing for Brooks and family!

  • Reply Kalyn @ Goaloflosing.com March 10, 2017 at 5:57 am

    It does sound like you’re doing what’s best for Brooks. Way to go mama for being on top of it! I hope I’ll remember this post when it comes time to remove my little one’s nap! She’s almost exactly one year younger than Brooks so I love looking ahead at what Brooks is up to! 🙂

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