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Welcome To The Best Night OF.MY.LIFE. Part 1

I got pre-sale tickets for this concert they day they went on sale. I have been waiting for this tour FOREVER. Mich and I got somewhat cheap seats because everything was gone so fast, but we didn’t care, we just wanted to go see our girl Brit. Yesterday I felt the need to upgrade our tickets. One might say it was an out of body experience. I called the box office and they said to just come by and see what they could do. We got there and since we got pre-sale tickets, they said they couldn’t upgrade them (which makes NO sense to me but whatever). They buy our cheap seats and we upgrade – STRAIGHT TO THE FRONT! Our tickets – Section 100, Row A! Hell yeah! Best luck ever. Apparently radio stations had the front rows to give away, but they didn’t give all the tickets away and those seats were re-released to the public yesterday. Call it fate, call it dumb luck, call it HELL YEAH! A win for Mich and I for sure.

We started off the night at The Greene Turtle next door to the Verizon Center. We decided shots were in order, since we got the best seats ever. I told the server we wanted a shot with the following:

1- Something pink and girly
2- Something strong
3- Name it after Britney

He could do whatever he wanted with those instructions and here is what we got:

A shot named: “Britney’s Toenails”

All I know is that it had 151 in it. It was pretty good. We liked it!

Mich and I were freaking out because we were so close to our girl Brit!

Pussycat Dolls: They put on a great show!

Welcome To The Best Night OF.MY.LIFE. Part 2

Please embrace my Front Row Seats via the following pictures. I broke them out by which section of the show the pictures were taken, and which songs she was singing.


Britney Spears “Circus” 2009 Set List:


Perez Hilton Intro
Circus (Funky Remix)

Piece of Me



Ooh Ooh Baby/Hot As Ice


If You Seek Amy

I love this picture. I think it is so silly! Love You Brit!

Me Against The Music (Bollywood)


Welcome To The Best Night OF.MY.LIFE. Part 3

The fabulousness continues….



Get Naked

Breathe On Me/Touch Of My Hand


Do Something



Baby One More Time (Remix)
I love how Britters is grabbing her ta-ta’s!

Britney looks so happy here. Yay!

Welcome To The Best Night OF.MY.LIFE. Part 4 The Finale

Here you go…the last of the best of my pictures. I took about 100 in 2 hours, there were many to sort through that were ‘blog-worthy’:


Womanizer (Extended Remix)

Circus Reprise: The Bow

Seriously, last night was so great. I had the best time, and our seats were out of this world. Britney put on an amazing show. She is an incredible performer. Did I mention I heart her? I am still SO excited about our seats.


For more pictures from the show check out here. For your reading pleasure, here is the Washington Post review of last night.

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